Monday, August 4, 2008

Bi-Plane bento (toddler)

The Monkey starts a three day wildlife camp today and he is pretty darn excited about it! His favorite teacher is leading the camp and he will be participating in all sorts of fun indoor & outdoor activities including planting and animal encounters! He requested an airplane bento for his lunch.

top: cherries, blueberries, peach with cheddar alongside baked chicken with ketchup and airplane cracker
bottom: hummus sandwich with cucumber and carrot plane and broccoli


Lisa~~ said...

Oh so cute, my daughter would love this bento. Did you draw the plane on the cracker, if so, how? I hope to make your trunk show at Hoopla, it looks like a fun store too.

koala brains said...

I love the airplane! Too cute. Nice, I have to get one those strawberry sauce containers.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed meeting you at Boo's 3rd Birthday party...had no idea in speaking with you that you were the Bento Box Girl...what a talent, I'm in awe of your work!