Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The "Poop" on Decatur

I had jury duty this morning. And although I groaned to my husband as I left the house about having to go, I secretly relished the idea of a few hours all alone with NOTHING else to do but read. I even guiltily texted a friend that I was on a mini-vacation (minus the wine). Oh what we learn to appreciate. I made it through one book; The Sassamon Circle and I began The Brief Wondorous Life of Oscar Wao which thus far is reminiscent of a book I read when I was twelve entitled The Children of Sanchez. Anyway, back to poop. So, after 7 hours of sitting in a nicely lit room in “fairly” comfy chairs reading books we were dismissed. On my walk home I encountered this:

So, what does dog poop have to do with bento lunch blog? Uh, nothing. But it does have something to do with my little city of Decatur. You see this is not the first time I, or others, have encountered this phenomena. So, what else was I to do but take a picture of it? When I came home the conversation went like this:

Me: I took a picture of that the flagged dog poop and I am going to post about it!
MOTH: Gross
Me: Why? Don’t you think it is odd?
MOTH: This from a woman that carries a pruner in her jogging stroller.

It’s really not the same thing. I carry a pruner for practical reasons. I mean there are lots of shrubs that stick out onto the sidewalk. But who puts toothpick flags in dog poop. That’s just plain weird.


Bette said...


bunnyteam said...

love it!!!!

koala brains said...

That's funny about the poo. Who carries flag toothpicks anyways?

Par said...

That is weird that someone would have such item to stick into the poo...hehehe Maybe it's plan...haha

katie Chapman said...

hey- pruners are good for other things on walks too.. like protecting yourself :)

Lyvvie said...

Okay - I confess I have done this. I used to live in an apartment community that had a lot of shared gounds, and one of the dog owners was notorious for not scooping the poop. So got a bunch of those flags - although mine were just red - and flagged all the poop to bring attention to how big the problem was.

Probably an obnoxious thing to do, but so is leaving pet-mess all over the commons. After the flagging, the piles were much less.

So, I have been a poop flagger.