Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Join us for a nationwide EAT-IN following the Decatur Book Festival

The Slow Food USA "Time for Lunch" campaign & Eat-In's are a few short weeks away. If you are in the Decatur/Atlanta area and would like to post some fliers... here they are.  You can also let your monkeys learn how to advocate for themselves and ask their Legislator to "please give me real food" by printing the action flier below and bringing it to the Eat In.  Check out the EVENTS tab on the Cooking for Monkeys Facebook Page for all the details on our Eat-In.


Eileen said...

hi! i love your blog..it's really fueled my burgeoning bento obsession. i just ordered 2 bento boxes from you today and can't wait to pack my son's kindergarten lunches!!!!

koala brains said...

I checked out the festival site and I didn't realize such a festival existed in ATL. Very cool! The "eat-in" - what a great cause you are supporting!

Pam said...

Eileen: please send photos of some of your lunches, I would love to see them!
KB: you should pop down for the festival it would be good to see you there!