Monday, August 17, 2009

Plane Travel Bento

I was able to clean out our fridge and fruit bowl and pack all four of us a fabulous lunch for the 2+ hour plane ride to Boston. It really is a nice little treat in mid flight and certainly beats a bag of peanuts!

left: concord grapes, cherry tomatoes and cucumber (from the garden!), zucchini bread, cheese, carrot & swiss sandwich squares

right: hummus, kiwi, peach, broccoli, and leftover mini turkey burgers


Suehaad said...

I looked through your online store and couldn't tell if any of the bento boxes are stainless steel? I am looking for a stainless steel you know of any or where to find?

Pam said...

Tutti: I have seen some cylinder type thermoses at various places.

Liana Yarckin said...

love your lunch boxes. i see the link to purchase. what kind of container are you using for the hummus in this picture? do you sell those containers as well?