Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heirloom Carrot Sandwich & The Oakhurst Market

Okay. First off, I am so darn excited about the Oakhurst Market opening right around the corner! I have visions of walking (WALKING!) to the market every few days to pick up FRESH local produce and meat for our meals. I even go so far to envision myself in a big straw hat with a floppy straw bag at my side.

The market is really a quality mini grocery with wine, beer, fresh bread, fresh baked goods (peanut butter cookies stuffed with peanut butter cream), ice cream, a candy shop, and will eventually have growlers and sandwiches available. I keep pinching myself to make certain I am not dreaming,

Anyway, today I picked up some wonderful local heirloom carrots which were used in this sandwich, a family favorite on a hot day. The heirlooms definitely added a more flavorful twist. Yum.

Heirloom Carrot Sandwich
· Shredded carrot
· Sliced pickles (I had some cucumbers that I quick pickled)
· Swiss cheese
· Mayo
Put it all together on some good bread and eat. Works best if you apply the carrot directly to the mayo.


The Georgia Cajun said...
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The Georgia Cajun said...

Looks like a pretty yummy Sandwich. Hey I know what a growler is. Very cool. I really love your blog. Great job getting the kids involved.

Anonymous said...

That sandwich looks so good, but the purple stuff looks like beets. Are those the pickles?

Pam said...

Nope. Those are heirloom purple carrots!