Tuesday, November 17, 2009


When I started this blog a few years ago on a whim (and a suggestion from my sis) I never dreamed I would have a camera crew visit my kitchen and film my family making our morning smoothies!
At the house.

Last Friday the WebMD crew arrived at the house early in the morning to shoot footage of the kids and myself making smoothies and cleaning up afterwards. We then travelled to the Monkeys' school to make applesauce with his class. The applesauce was great, the kids had fun, and I feel pretty good about the whole day! Of course, MY SON, is the one that DID NOT like the applesauce. Sigh.

 Setting up the classroom.

Washing hands.

                                                                   Using the old fashioned apple peeler.

Tossing scraps in the garden compost (more on the garden later).

Checking the texture, almost ready.

The segment will be available on the WebMD website in March or April, I'll keep you posted.  I want to say thanks to friends (and hubby) who worked behind the scenes to make all of this run smoothly and to the WebMD crew that made me feel comfortable and made this a fun experience!  And of course, a very special thank you to the school and the kids!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Come out and enjoy good food and shopping this Sunday at the Solarium in Oakhurst!  I will be sharing a booth with Colleen Keenan who designs and hand sews super cool handbags.  See you there!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day at the Ranch Bento

top: gouda cheese, berries, corn, cheddar bunnies, green beans
bottom: carrot sticks, sunbutter and jam sandwich with cheese horse

The Monkey and his classmates travelled to Dacula last Friday to spend a day at Rancho Alegre. This is a working farm and the kids enjoyed brushing “Chili Pepper” one of the horses, milking a goat, petting the bunnies and donkeys, learning about chickens and composting, they even attended a goat cheese making class! After a tractor driven hayride around the ranch we settled into the covered pavilion for lunch and some playtime. It was a wonderful day!

my bento:

top: shrimp cakes, green beans, corn, strawberry
bottom: porchini mushroom ravioli, gouda cheese, crackers, chocolate crepe (and yes, I shared with the Monkey!)

goat milkingchickens

cheese making