Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bento Picnic & Hike at Lullwater Park

Today we packed up some bento's and headed off to Lullwater Park by Emory. What we found is a wonderful oasis in the middle of Decatur/Emory. There is a lot of visual interest for a hike, including a small lake (complete with ducks!), large open grassy hills, a waterfall, and even a suspension bridge. After exploring for a bit we sat down to have a bite to eat.

top: baked polenta with corn, basil, tomato, and aged gouda alongside caramelized onion & walnut chicken meatballs with peach chutney, cheddar cheese (recipes soon)
edamame, cherry muffin, alongside peach, blueberry, and kiwi

The adventurer in all of us enjoyed our short trek into the wilderness, if it weren't for the occasional siren heard from the road beyond the tree line it would have been difficult to believe that we were surrounded by the city.


Tressa & Mark said...

What fun! We tried to go on a picnic last week... By the time we arrived at the park, Mother Nature decided a torrential downpour was in order. We didn't let that dampen our plans!

We put the seats down in the van (love stow and go seats!) spread out our picnic blanket and enjoyed our lunch. It was bit cramped, but fun!

Tressa & Mark said...

Forgot to mention, found your site through Koala Brains. I'll be back!