Friday, September 18, 2009

Top Chef Bento Edition

The Decatur Book Festival and the Slow Foods USA Eat Ins were a huge hit. Thanks to all the folks that showed up to make it such a success!  If you have not yet, please visit the Slow Foods website and show support for healthier food in schools.

Pictured here are: State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield with her adorable kids, THE famous Leslie Grant - Chickin Feed, Josh Viertel – Pres. of Slow Food USA, Julie Shaffer – Founder & Former Pres. of Slow Food Atlanta chapter, Me, and Eli Kirshtein- Top Chef extraordinaire. And in the middle is Judith Winfrey of Love is Love Farms and the Slow Food Atlanta chapter leader. Photo courtesy of Donata Renfrow.

It was great to talk with folks that visit the blog and to meet several new people. Eli from Top Chef even came by the booth to purchase a bento! I am pretty certain it was for the tall and lovely young lady that was with him. He even posed for a picture! Speaking of Top Chef, you know Richard (Blais that is) that adorable daughter of yours could use a bento box…on the house for my favorite Top Chef contestant ever. (Sorry Eli, not sure how your season turns out yet).

Hmmm…maybe Bravo should host a Top Chef: The Bento Edition! One of the challenges could be to prepare a lunch bento with one baby strapped to your back while watching a toddler that just ate a pound of chocolate. I would totally watch that!


Pigs Do Fly said...

Haha! As grueling as the challenges sometimes are, they hardly compete with the challenges we face every day cooking with little ones-- you're so right!

Leslie Grant said...

THE...cut it out!