Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day at the Ranch Bento

top: gouda cheese, berries, corn, cheddar bunnies, green beans
bottom: carrot sticks, sunbutter and jam sandwich with cheese horse

The Monkey and his classmates travelled to Dacula last Friday to spend a day at Rancho Alegre. This is a working farm and the kids enjoyed brushing “Chili Pepper” one of the horses, milking a goat, petting the bunnies and donkeys, learning about chickens and composting, they even attended a goat cheese making class! After a tractor driven hayride around the ranch we settled into the covered pavilion for lunch and some playtime. It was a wonderful day!

my bento:

top: shrimp cakes, green beans, corn, strawberry
bottom: porchini mushroom ravioli, gouda cheese, crackers, chocolate crepe (and yes, I shared with the Monkey!)

goat milkingchickens

cheese making


Flying Lily said...

Your cheese horse is gorgeous!!! How did you do that?

Pam said...

Hey Lily, thanks! I drew a horse on white parchment and then used a knife to cut out the shape on a piece of cheese. If you look at this post: http://www.cookingformonkeys.com/2009/09/rainy-day-tutorial.html it gives an example.

javapot said...

wow, well done for the horse cheese.

D Naugle said...

Rachel (Olive's mom) has been making some great cheese. She did a queso blanco that was outstanding. Need to document her process and post.

Anonymous said...

I like you blog very much.