Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking News Alert!!!

So there I was walking through the Kroger 'ethnic foods' aisle perusing the shelves; ponzu sauce, soy sauce, pocky......POCKY!!! What? I no longer have to travel to the Buford Highway Farmers Market for Pocky!? My first thought was "Yay, now I can buy Pocky whenever I want", quickly to be replaced by "Oh no, now I can buy Pocky whenever I want". I mean having Pocky far away was a good control for me. Now I can fulfil a Pocky urge by a 2 minute drive, or better yet a 10 minute bike ride.

For any of you who have not experienced the simple and addictive yummy-ness that is Pocky, now is your chance to do so in Decatur.


Angie said...

I saw Pocky at Kroger, too. Still have to travel for super-cheap wasabi peas, though. And fresh, warm Korean pancakes (ho-tuk?).

Thanks for the fun blog.

Par said...

hehehe... good thing I am within reach for Asian snacks :P

koala brains said...

You are too funny! I gave some to Boo when we picked up some for you and now when we go to H-Mart she asks for Pocky. I ate it as a kid but am afraid to try it again because I see how the two of you are with them! I don't need another sweet addiction! :)

charli said...

My local Walmart has them. My daughter loves them. And Yan-Yan. And those little koala bears... they're all so good!

thesweetlimetree said...

Ooooooh, we love Pocky in this house! :o)