Monday, August 11, 2008

Jungle Safari Birthday Party Success!

For the Monkeys 3rd birthday we went with a jungle safari theme.

We made a life sized cut out of a safari jeep and elephant along with a large wall mural with a safari scene. The kids loved having their photos taken through the windshield of the "jeep".

After running and jumping on the Leapin Lizards equipment for an hour the kids came in to enjoy some food and drinks. They donned their safari hats and sang happy birthday for the little man of honor.

Each adventurer received a safari bento box with safari jeep PB & J sandwich, alligator carrot, giraffe and lion cheese with fruit leather accents, blueberry elephant picks, and veggie booty.

IMG_4561Cupcakes were chocolate with vanilla frosting and homemade chocolate stars and animal crackers.

Safari hats and binoculars were provided to spot the local wildlife. A great time was had by all, and I am certain that many kids slept soundly that night! Mine sure did!



koala brains said...

You did an awesome job w/ the party! The food, decorations, favors, and entertainment were right on. Oh, and thank you for tiring out Boo. BTW, the pic of her cracks me up.

Bette said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the animal crackers! You are amazing little sister!

Amy @ The Q Family said...

I found your site from your friend - Koala Brains.. OMG! You are such a genius. So cute!!!

-Amy @ The Q Family