Monday, December 15, 2008

Grand Plans bento

Oh, I had grand plans for today’s bento. When I picked up the Monkey from school last Friday his nose was painted red and he had an antler hat on his head. I knew then and there that I was going to make a Rudolf bento come Monday. Never mind that I was cooking for a friend’s party on that same Monday, never mind that I was participating in a marketplace Saturday and Sunday night. It was going to be grand! Sweet potato snowflakes, broccoli trees with snowy branches and ornaments, wrapped presents under the tree, and of course a hand drawn gingerbread Rudolf complete with a bright red nose!

Yippee for cookie cutters.

top: veggie straws, strawberry & blueberries, edamame
bottom: sun-butter & jam sandwich, cheese snowman and trees (fruit leather accents), and 5 M&M's

1 comment:

Kaitlyn said...

Ha. You crack me up! It's still adorable, use of cookie cutters or not. :)