Monday, December 1, 2008

Wise Owl bento (Toddler)

left: fox cookie, cheese stick, veggie straws, maple glazed carrots with a shiitake mushroom sliced on top
right: cherries with blueberries, cheese and dried dragonfruit owl, snap pea, and sweet potato, broccoli, sunbutter sandwich (sounds yucky, but its actually good!)


jenzoe said...

Do you have any suggestions for decorating without cheese? I would love to do the tractor or any of the things you do, but my little guy hates cheese (loves kim chee, but god forbid you give him anything like cheese!)

Am I Crazy? said...

Where did you get the dried dragon fruit? I loved fresh dragon fruit when I visited Hong Kong, but haven't been able to find anything here in the states.

Pam said...

Jenzoe-you can use a variety of things. I have used inari (Hello bento), nori (Along Came a Spider bento),various colored tortilla (Safari bento), sweet potato (Driving to Work bento), meats (Pig bento)...anything really.

Am I crazy-I actually got the dried dragon fruit at Trader Joes! FYI, I have recently seen fresh dragon fruit at Whole Foods.