Thursday, May 28, 2009

Indian Inspired Bento (Adult)

top: turkey kofta (meatballs) on spinach, mini carrot + manchego sandwich with pickles, truffled walnuts
bottom: red dhal kibbeh with apple lemon raita

yum factor: HIGH


bunnyteam said...

I was a recipient of this FANTASTIC lunch - all I can say is WOW. It was extremely satisfying meal and all the flavors just worked so well.

I'm currently reading the book Shantaram, a story based in Bombay, so it was especially cool to have an Indian inspired meal. (Johnny Depp has bought the movie rights to this book)

I have to rave about my friend Pam. I had to get up early for an especially long travel/work day and she had my bento made up for me ready for pickup at 6:30 this morning! Yes, she is simply amazing. :)

Jacknicolaus said...

This lunch was amazing! It was very difficult to share the kofta with my son! Loved the mini sandwiches. I can't believe all the variety and flavors Pam packs into these little boxes!