Monday, May 18, 2009

Snack Day- May

Today is the last day of the Monkeys preschool and he had the honor of bringing in the snack.

My heart is so sad that he is leaving to go to another school next year. My eyes tear up when I think about it. He has done so well at Decatur First and adores his teachers and friends. I hope he does as well next year at the new school.

We also say goodbye to Color Wheel art classes at the end of the week. Man, it is going to be a pity party weekend!

snack: strawberry, cookie, veggie booty, and cheese airplane


dianna said...

I taught at DFM years ago. It is a wonderful school. Joanne has done an excellent job as the director. They prepare children well for other schools!

Unknown said...

how do you get the darker image of the airplane from your stamper?

Amabelle said...

how did you make the cheese airplane? what kind of stamp and cutter did you use? these are so cool!