Thursday, May 15, 2008

Communal Dinners

Today is Thursday, and it's my day to cook. This amazing friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea. Three families do a dinner share each week. This means that two nights of the week I get a hot meal delivered to my door from their kitchens. On Thursday, its MY DAY to reciprocate.
I love this day. This week I felt inspired to make Thai food. I took a trip over to the local farmers market and grabbed the makings for what I like to call "The Tale of Two Larbs". The following is freshly made "traditional" chicken larb and a "northern" larb of pork along with green papaya salad complete with sweet sticky rice (in the back). Cucumber and cabbage are typical side vegetables. Very yummy.
Monkey kept asking for more of the chicken larb he wasn't as taken by the pork, but it was a tad spicy. All in all I say it was well received by everyone.

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koala brains said...

I wish we lived near each other. I would be all over the dinner share and especially excited about your turn. You are an amazing cook - I'm blown away!!!!