Friday, May 23, 2008

Scary Clown Bento

I certainly did not intend for today's bento to look like some freaky version of Ronald McDonald. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a lifelong clown phobia for The Monkey.

Anyway, today is the last day of class before a two week pause. I made a sweet red bean paste at the beginning of the week that I wanted to use up, so I made doryaki in the shape of a clown. Doriyaki is basically a pancake filled with red bean paste. I used whole wheat flour and cornmeal mixture for the pancake and aside from the sugar in the bean paste (which I used minimally) its a pretty healthy meal. The feet are made from apple slices and his hair from shredded carrot.

top: baby bell cheese, blueberries, red pepper slices, and cucumber

bottom: Doriyaki clown with apple feet

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Mum said...

Hi sweetie,

I love your blog...keep up the good work.

Will see you next week. I can hardly wait.

Love ya bunches,