Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Day

I love this city, Decatur. I love the parks, the festivals, and the multitude of other events that take place throughout the year. The problem is that I only make it to a smattering of them. Today I made it to my very first “Blue Sky Concert”.

This musical event takes place at noon in front of the Old Courthouse. Today’s artist was a children’s songwriter, so I decided it was a great day to try it out.

I packed two bento boxes one for The Monkey and one for myself, a few diapers, wipes, ice pack, juice box, water, blanket, hats, sun block, sun glasses, and my phone. I got Monkey into the stroller with a book; EGG packed into my Ergo carrier with a bink, and off we went.

We arrived a few minutes early and M began rummaging through the bag for his lunch. It was the first time I was able to see how he reacts to opening his bento while away from home. There are few things more hallmark than seeing your son tear open his bento exclaiming “Ooohhh, what’s in heeeeere!” while ignoring all the other kids playing around him. I guess he is digging the bento lunches. Yay!

Monkey's box (above) held a PB & J Sammy, laughing cow cheese, a surprise chocolate koala cookie in the green bird case, baby banana with grapes & an asian pear star, and avocado with red pepper strips.

My box held hummus, carrot, cucumber, laughing cow cheese, two hard boiled quail eggs, baby banana with grapes & an asian pear star, and avocado with red pepper strips.

The concert was fun; we were joined by Cole along with Matt, Mariah, and Claire. (Thanks for bringing the camera.) Matt took the boys to run around and play so that we girls could chat. (Thanks Matt). It was good to see Jen and family as well as Katie, Sta Sta, and Clay.


Yaton said...

Where can I find Afro-Centric bentos?

Pam said...

Yaton. I am giving your question serious consideration. I will need some time to get back to you on this one.