Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boot Camp- Bento #3

I found an acorn squash sitting alone among several spaghetti squash. I kinda felt sorry for him. You know, like in gym class when all of the other kids were picked and then there was that one kid left that nobody picked. I thought he might be feeling sad sitting there amongst all the outcast spaghetti squash. He didn't belong with THOSE deviants. I took him home and he is now featured in today's bento lunch. My alien creation didn't work out as well as planned. But it was fun to try.

top: simple salad, leftover mashed acorn squash with chanterelle mushrooms

bottom: previously frozen chicken pineapple meatballs, acorn squash "peace out" alien, mini tortellini

side car snacks: apple and peanut butter, edamame, grape tomatoes

TIME: 15 minutes

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