Thursday, June 5, 2008

Leapin Lizards Opens in Decatur

It is hot. Actually, it is more like sweltering heat. Visiting the pool feels more like going to a sauna. Any outdoor activity is out of the equation on a day such as this. So, we decided to try out the newly opened Leapin Lizards, and were not disappointed! We walked in and the Monkey was off like a flash to jump, slide, and careen through a number of inflatables. I purchased a 10 visit card (only $35) and went to explore as well.

Everything is well laid out and easily accessible for both child and parent. The inflatables themselves are bright and well made. Marisa pointed out that the facility uses natural lighting and keeps the overhead fluorescents off, kudos! They also have a limited snack and drink bar that is inexpensive and carries good quality items. There were several other nice touches that I noticed while there. We plan to go back, alot.

We stayed about two hours and had lunch there before returning home.

top: 3 cherry tomatoes, babybel cheese, half pb & j sandwich, veggie booty

bottom: baby banana, blueberries, edamame

TIME: 6 minutes

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